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d a y b o o k   o f    p a r t i c i p a n t s
d r a w i n g s  I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX
d a y b o o k   o f    m.  s e j n
p h o t o g a l l e r y



So, we arrive.

And we stay at Pension Lydia.


We are: Frank








We drink schnapps and beer.


We eat potato soup

      rice and curry

      ice cream pancakes


We talk about the practical issues of the workshop.


We sleep.




DAY 1 – 22/05/2006


We walk.

Past a damn, an old lady hanging out clothes, a one carriage tram, two roller bladders, trees standing vertical like soldiers, some of them drunk, some dead and rigor mortis has set in….


…and then a little rest,




Both rivers from the Jizera Mountains the river being the border between the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

glass production – stone exported all over the world.


Relaxing into stones – slowly rolling.




spider-brain / super computer:

don’t move if your mind does not engage.

don’t move without conscious effort.


Move each limb/part of the body at a very precise speed 1mm/sec, 1cm/sec…


Aim for complexity, challenge yourself.


Same again for the same length of time but now the body parts have autonomy, they each move at their own speed, with their own reason and the mind is like a shepherd, gently keeping check.


super computer -----------------------------------------------------------federalist

over focused----------------------------------------------------------------floating around


2 extreme states and we tend to lean towards one or the other.


I found with my mind mapping each movement I was very aware of my limits, when I started to neglect body parts. With my mind softer I found it easier for each body part to move at its own speed, but it was also easier to miss or forget parts.


Other people spoke about being very aware of the outside, the surroundings, the sound of the river, etc... For me it was purely internal.


Frank spoke about being in landscape, being conscious of everything. It is an evolutionary thing, we would go crazy if we were conscious of everything.

How can you let go of things to make space?

How can you open yourself up?

Inside time/outside time – becoming aware measuring one against the other.


super-computer state doesn’t mean tight muscles.

autonomous tends to go floaty and it doesn’t have to.



Drawing has been used as a lens to see the same things through different centuries.

Milos gave an example of drawing the outline, drawing without visual control (without checking what you draw), with visual control, and drawing in relation to the surroundings.


We then drew with charcoal and a piece of paper on our chest:

1st time: draw a straight line

   looking at a tree (bottom to top)

   drawing (bottom to top)

2nd time: looking top to bottom

        drawing bottom to top

             trying to capture details

3rd time: looking top to bottom

       drawing bottom to top

       trying to capture details

       using the opposite hand


People found that even when drawing totally different trees, the results were very similar.


I was surprised at what felt like very big marks I’d made were actually very small.






1 hour. After talking with Simone we decided to go off and find ways in which to mark the landscape, to leave an indication of our presence.

I bit into a twig for 5 minutes, leaving a very tiny mark

I lay on the ground moving the leaves in piles around my body.

And I stuck twigs in the ground the length of my body.

After Frank’s whistle we walked to the pension. We dumped our bags and walked a little further…..


We did the same exercises as before the super-computer/federalist slow moving. This time we started sitting and we tried to be soft in the supercomputer state and experiment with different muscle tensions in the federalist state.


Textové pole: SUPER-COMPUTER
-         With not so much tension it goes against 
my natural tendencies,         because when I am 
tense my brain can recognise  it. 
-         muscular softness but with a sharp focus is 
how Louise described it. 
-         Simone found she got into the same patterns
of moving her wrists but this helped her find 
a way out of her patterns.
Textové pole: FEDERALIST
-         I found this a very productive state.
-         Martina suggested it was dangerous because she had no tension she nearly fell over. 
-         Louise found it easier to go into more body parts
-         Simone described it as being more 3-dimensional.



















Milos noted how there are many more possibilities for moving from sitting.





Drawing words.

Trying to be more connected to surroundings

Becoming to be….stone

Recording speech on a sound recorder the lines of the word, in the drawing of them try to take on the qualities of the thing it is.



What is image?

How to build strong images?

How do they manifest themselves?

Forest Carter – Watch for me on the mountain

Geronimo’s song

Using these sources.



Finding different forms of natural animation and bringing it together with theatrical - mechanical animation.

Looking at the way leaves fall, the way a river flows, etc… finding ways to reproduce that.



To extend work with Frank to take inspiration from surroundings.

How do you receive information from your immediate surroundings and very far away.

Working with the four elements: fire, water, earth, air.

Also light and dark.


Neil & Simone

Looking at intimacy and distance, intensity and longing.

How to arrive, how to depart, how to be in a place.

Influenced by Rebecca Solnit’s idea of ‘the blue of distance’ featured in – “a field guide to getting lost”


Back to the Pension: eat, drink, sleep.






DAY 2 – 23/05/2006


Started off from NAVAROV at 9:30 after breakfast. Barth drove us to the bus station. Waiting – two buses passed – and then came the one that took us to ………


Walked for five minutes and then did the opening circle: pattering the legs and at the same time going into the muscle & bone of the body + light stretches to prepare the body for the rest of the day.


Started walking.

     Come to a waterfall.


TASK 1: vision 360o with eyes on the horizon, horizontal.

-         find a place to stand relaxed.

-         soft focus

-         find a spot to follow 360o using 12 minutes

-         spot is in same height as your eyes

-         take longer time when the distance between the objects on the line are big

-         when you move eyes along the line the body follows


TASK 2: Vertical vision – the same lying on the ground.


Then we had lunch before we walked through beautiful scenery.


Martina: It was nice to go from macro to micro level. In micro I saw a lot of colours in one moment.


TASK 3: Peripheral vision


We walked on a line, with Frank leading. All the time having the gaze on the same spot in front of you, on the person in front of yours backpack. Focusing on the spot and widening the peripheral vision.


Frank spoke about the different vision in the landscape and in the city, and how to open up the vision for the landscape – letting the landscape come to you.


How can you open up for landscape?


Neil: I felt after time that my eyes opened up – that the sockets really open up.

Martina: I really focused on this open focus, but I tried to see as much detail in things as possible.


We climbed higher up the mountain until we reached the high mountain, the topography changed, less trees more open landscape.


On the top we did personal work for 1 hour.


We stayed at Labká Bouda, 1310 m.n.m


DAY 3  - 24/05/2006


4h45 Martina and I trying to watch the sunrise, but door to go out is locked. We look through the window and saw the blue change little by little.


5h30 Going back to sleep again


8h30 Breakfast at Labska Bouda. Nils is warming his shoes by the fireplace.


9h40 Leaving Labska Bouda watching Elbe waterfall, the river runs out in the Baltic sea – Milos talking about snow body, like our earlier work, formed by nature. Snow connection with the clouds rain/snow falling from the clouds, being formed by nature. Surroundings.


Different qualities of body

Snow carrier of time, layers of time.

Opening Circle in dry grass, with dry bones and hard muscles, after this bag of bones with partner.

Walking up to

One side of Poland, other side Czech Republic. This was once Pangea, one landmass rising from the deep sea.

Cracking stonewalls like skin in a microscope.

Milos telling of different ways mankind has reproduced pictures of this place throughout history. Which tells the story of humans relation to the universe. Milos picked St Peters key flowers, with these he painted mountain landscape, seeing without seeing, no focus.

We stood together regarding stonewall screaming one word:


Walking down to…..


Yellowish, green stones slowly moving we slowly join them, bisoku rolling stones.

Stone eyes, stone breath, stone bones. Stone fish in stone sea – cracking stone, no up, no down, no time, feeling everything, sensitive like inside the inside of a hand.

Hand palm stone.

Veins of stone


Going a bit further, eating lunch – warming hands, still stone, on espresso pot.


After lunch Milos shoes lichen rose in microscope and we investigate natural pigments. I paint with grass, and grass paint me picture of grass –


After painting, we fell asleep in the sun, sun-warm body sleeping on sunwarm body – one sunwarm body.


Waking à Walking to Men’s stones then further to little girls stones, here the whole group worked with my individual project. To stage a natural animation. Using gravity, wind, water. Then we walked further, into Poland. Petrova Bouda. Petra meaning stone (like St Peters) Leaving luggage in Hotel with Sauna and strange swimming pool (!?!?)


Small child playing with red balloon in lobby.


Walking out, exercise charcoal following movement, paper on chest.


Wind takes body, becomes empty body. Mind Body becoming Body Mind. Wind shapes body, like wind shapes trees.

I rolled down the mountain and wrote floating crack. Individual project. I took a hot shower, the water animated the body.

Neil sick. Simone bringing Neil food, Neil only eats a few rice corns. We eat under surveillance of stuffed deer. Like the head of Krkonose. The spirit of Krkonose has the head of a deer, the body of a giant, walking with stick in his hand. (Reindeer is something different, more grey)


Young teenage girls guessing which feet is which body. Frank does guest appearance. Sauna. Restaurant closes at 22h00 sharp. Frank is leaving tomorrow.


DAY 4 25/05/06


Last night we were 7.

We woke at 8.30am for breakfast.

Today we are 6.

Frank has departed early this morning.

There is an absence.


But somehow we remain connected.

This imaginary blue line is following him, connected to his belly button, it helps him to use his phone and call us from time to time.


We return to the stones for opening circle.


We begin to walk, down the hill, the path made of stones. Re-tracing others pathways and rhythms along the path. I forget to look at the surroundings.

I run into the 4*  bouda, Spindlerovka for the toilet and map. We continue.


Up the rocky path in silence. My breathing 2 steps to inhale, 2 steps to exhale.


We stop and look back we can see Petrova bouda and the hills beyond. The man and lady stones where we past the day before.


Imagining/recalling the journey we have taken. Its strange to see and imagine distance and the journey we have taken. WE started at the outline of the landscape and the changing of light. Milos asked us to close our eyes and watch the imprint of the landscape change behind our eyelids. The light changing and first spots of rain……..we continue up the rocky path….Milos’s drawing task.


Paper on chest, charcoal in writing hand.


Continue walking on this terrain, recording the journey through the hand, expressing moments if we wish – the feeling of stone or the body and its contact with the ground.

We stood in the rain and looked at our drawings, with surprise again.


We continue to walk, the rain and clouds getting closer to our heads………

Perception exercise: 20mins à eyes on person in front, walking faster, rough terrain, stones, bright sky. Trying to stay connected to the group… we reach.




No rain at the stones. Now rain – into hail – into snow. Just as we finish the tea, the weather changes – all change into waterproofs!


We pass a group huddling into huge stone formation, finding shelter in the snow storm. Temperature d




                              g  in wetness.


We make our way to the viewing point of Wielki lake.

We stand with the wind behind us, the snow hurtling down, the shapes flying from the edges of our bodies.

I try to follow one snowflake at a time but it travels too fast it gets lost in the crowd, disappearing. WE stood there at that vantage point and all shouted a sound into the basin of the lake. “HAALHGSMAAAA” “HOOYAYAYAYAYAYAYA


To be captured in the lake and taken to the bottom, trapped in the cold.


There was no echo here? ….


We retrace our steps… back to the stones. We begin our descent in Poland.


Small path, pines on either side we walk in silence to each others footsteps board walks of wood.


We reach the bottom stones:


Simone and Neil’s project:


One person walks with eyes closed to the other person anticipating the distance and when you meet them – touch their shoulder.

Try: 1. walking normal pace

       2. running

       3. slow pace



  1. Still with partner – standing opposite 1 person eyes closed:

They imagine body parts and say “ I touch your…” (right shoulder, behind your left knee, etc…) trying to find the points in the body.

  1. Again with eyes closed: same task – but this time partner makes a shape trying to imagine shape.


Task 3:

Attached by blue ribbon – eyes closed.

1 moves for 2.5mins(?)


other person moves for 2.5mins(?)


improvise with this connection, moving and feel the connection with partner.


It’s cold

It’s raining – people move and converse with their partners – a shifting dialogue that the blue line visualises.


Cold bones move down the mountain through the forest and wind and stillness and wet and the sweat that became snow and the stream and the rocks turning pink and the ice and the people we pass and the walking and the walking and the meditation of walking and the love of walking and the love of life and the love of sky and the……..



It’s a held breath, the eyes wondering a feeling of pause in the muscles the sight of the dark lake with its own current in the wind.


I look across and the water has made its own drawing; a frothy  white line that runs to the shore but starts way into the centre – it seems to be showing its own pathways in the detail of foam and air caught on the ridge in/of the water. The clouds meet the lake and water is all around, it travels at speed but never seems to go anywhere, it appears and disappears – arriving and departing between glances through the window.


We met Klara here, she was already waiting for us. Now we are 7 again but in spirit we are 8.


DAY 5 26/05/2006


Samotnia cottage

We slept all together in the night it was completely black, the wind was very hard outside, shaking the building, we slept all together, like one body, shaking from outside wind and breathing like one body.


A short walk up and behind the house, after a scrambled egg breakfast.


Opening circle:

With wet grass and cold blue toes some of us stood on mats. Martina stayed in bed ill. We were six, and then we walked up, up, up, up a steep path.


At the top there was a T-junction. We walk in a line, peripheral vision/perception exercise for 20mins – rock, soft grass…water…we cross the border


To Lucní Bouda – accommodates 150 people.


We met Jiri Flousek – the deputy director of Krkonose national park – in the restaurant that can cater for 150  people! ENJOY YOURSELF! AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE!


We talk inside about the state of the national park and the sad implications of how political discourse changes or has power over the subject of

conservation. V. making money/business


Jiri talked about Krkonose and that artic tundra is the ecological name for the climate.

The first area not covered by ice was Krkonose.


Krkonose – the national park had 8-10 million visitors per year during the communist regime, after the political change in 1989 the number of visitors is 5-7 million per year.


Here is a diverse mixture of artic, alpine and low-land plants and species. Jiri took us off the main road, after showing us the thickest remains of ice/snow. Off road was the original road, from the old times when people made the road in concern of nature, where the snow is at its thinnest. The main road is now made without concern for this and therefore harmful.


He gave us so much information about the landscape. He told us how members of the national park walk around the snow patches with GPS systems once a month to measure how much they are receding. He took us along an old winter path that is now closed to tourists because they damage it too much. He showed us how they burry rocks to help stop the erosion, they burry them vertically and fill them out. He told us how the mountains suffer the consequences of the rest of western Europe. The polluted particles form icicles on the trees, they fall off, melt, effect the acidity of the soil and eat away at the roots.


After a good walk and looking back on where we have walked these last few days we headed back, to many facts and information to mention! Project time – then sauna!  Simone, Neil, Nils and Louise went into the sauna and Jacuzzi for 1 hour. Bliss then dinner.

Beer, ice cream, beer, bill à bed


DAY 6 27/06/2006


Saturday, the last morning in Lucni Bouda. Wake up at 2.00, made more stretches and prepared ourselves for a walk to sunrise on the top of Snezka. At 3.00 we started walking without words almost, we went through the moist fields to the “shoulder” (where Slaski dom is.) of snezka. Darkness, soft rain around us; it was mystical, waking to the head of Snezka (1602m) we split a bit more, each one took his/her own speed, it was meditation. [we used the “Poland” route. At 4.30 no the top of Snezka we took shelter beside a small church; I felt it warm, then waited for a brightening of the night. It was too cloudy to expect sunrise, the tenderness of white – grey was slowed slowly to more white and grey, with less white, grey and blue. (slightly on the Czech side of Snezka pattern. Of course I was still quite weak, off in my fitness (almost didn’t eat for two days), I got a cold muscles very quick, so decided to descend before 5.00 o’clock the others waited to 5.00, the official time of sunrise, or even a bit more. On the way back I walked backwards 5 – 10m often, because the west was on my back side. With soft opened focus. I tried to perceive small details in the lightening of the day. After passing Slaski dom I went faster, almost run but about 1/3 of the way Simone and Neil catched me up and we first fall into our beds again…. Still 8.00 o’clock to have breakfast in Lucni Bouda.


At 9.00 outside still rain, fog, without sun. Milos suggested to start decent from Krkonose at 10.00 we walked back to Slaski dom and there turned to CZ side, on south wall to down slowly… after 100m still on pass of Poland – CZ border we did Task 1, author Milos around 11.00 drawing/writing

-         with A4 cardboard and the same size of white paper in our hand

-         we stood in front of Ruzova hora (1390m) and Obri dul, we saw horizon in fog.

-         And with a pen in our main hand …we tried to observe this horizon, very very, slowly.

-         With our open eyes and soft focus…and begin this SLOWLY

-         Wrote the “words”  (with almost no meaning) on the paper… also slowly and with great (as much as possible) influence of the travelling eyes through the horizon from left to right.

-         The words was the same we screamed to Wielki Staw – the lake on the Polish side of Krkonose near Samotnia cottage.

-         I felt this like deep scream inside of me, it was longer than the ‘real’ one. I like the curves of the letters and the curves of the inside voices to be caught and sink on a crystal in the fog, on coniferous trees and stones, morning grass.

-         It took me 10minss the rain became stronger …walking around 11.30


Task 2 author Nils


-         On a curve of the route we stopped our walk

-         Found some place on a steep piece of grass and quite bushy. To stand stare. Soft in knees with closed eyes.

-         Soft in arms and shoulders.

-         To listen all kind of sounds around us

-         And with the movements of the arms indicate the vibrations of sounds

-         It took 5 mins.


-         then we tried to prolong this same sense of perception, of voices around us by continuing the exercise and walking at the same time.

-         The time was 9

-         We had eyes opened, the distance between us was about 30 steps – so that we couldn’t hear each others walking

-         We opened our ear’s focus wide and deep as possible.


Walk down to Pec pod Snezkou… around 12.30

Task 3 author Martina

-         on a level of the first broadleaf tree we tried to find some transformations between 4 basic elements: air, water, earth, fire.


1.In the nature

2.In our group

3.Inside of us.


In decreasing or increasing meaning.

I suggest to choose the most reasonable media between:

1.writing down


3.find and make movement for these transformations between 4 elements.

It took 10 mins.


At 13.00 we were in Pec pod Snezkou; decided to take a coffee and a pivo in a nice pub. The departure time of our bus to Praha was 13.35, so we were quick in everything: sharing the best piece of our work, plans for the future, taking addresses, saying goodbye, hoping to meet sooner…

Until the departure of our flights we stayed in Prague, sleeping in my roof-flat, we went to some dance performances.