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B o h e m i ae  s u b  R o s a   K r k o n o s e   M o u n t a i n s
M a y  21 - 27  2006

A six day hike through Krkonose Mountains exploring the relation among body, art and landscape
Interdiscipinary workshop with Milos Sejn, Frank van de Ven
and Jiri Flousek as a visitor.
Supported by the Bohemiae Rosa Project, the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Karkonosze National Park in Poland and Krkonose  National Park in Czech Republic

Nils Jakob Johannesen (NO) - Neil Callaghan (UK) - Simone Kenyon (UK) - Louise Carlander (SV) - Martina Stirn (SLN) - Klára Šejnová (CZ)

Monday 22 May from Semily to Navarov along the Jizera
and Kamenice Rivers

sunrise 5:06 sunset 20:49 moonrise 2:55 moonset 14:57

Tuesday 23 May from Harrachov to Labska bouda
along the Mumlava River
sunrise 5:04 sunset 20:50 moonrise 3:09 moonset 16:20
of a full occupancy of our hotel in the economy class.

Wednesday 24 May from Elbe River watterfal following
the mountains ridge to Petrova bouda
sunrise 5:03 sunset 20:51 moonrise 3:24 moonset 17:45

Thursday 25 May following the mountain ridge
to Samotnia on the border Small Lake
sunrise 5:02 sunset 20:52 moonrise 3:41 moonset 19:12

Friday 26 May 15 km hike with Jiri Flousek
to Lucni hora Protected Area
sunrise 5:01 sunset 20:53 moonrise 4:02 moonset 20:37

Saturday 27 May hiking on the Snezka peak to waiting
for the Sunrise and through the Giant Valley to Pec pod Snezkou
sunrise 5:00 sunset 20:55 moonrise 4:30 moonset 21:58 one day
End of BsubR 2006