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Bohemiae Rosa Bechyne Monastery trailer


B o h e m i a e  R o s a 4  BECHYNE MONASTERY / LUZNICE RIVER

21 - 28 August 2001

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body – art and landscape by Milos Sejn – Frank van de Ven and guest teacher Vaclav Cilek – Bohemiae Rosa Project – Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Bechyne Monastery Association
Czech Republic

Emma Strapps
(AUS) – Saltant Tashimova (KAZ) – Krystํna Cํlkovแ (CZ) – Marcela Vorlํ่kovแ (CZ) – Robert Machแ่ek (CZ) – Radim Labuda (SLO) –  Radka Schmelzovแ (CZ) – Fergus Byrne (IRE) – Ena Œperkovแ (CZ) –  Timofey Bannikov (KAZ) – Hana Vo๘ํškova (CZ)

MB = muscles and bones mind and body training FB = Feedback or discussion
M = Milos F = Frank V = Vaclav    

MONDAY    20/08 arrival participants in Bechyne Monastery (grade school of art)
evening – check-in + drinks + dinner – accommodation – collection of fees –
introduction workshop M – finish plan timing workshop – three parts (21-23) / (24-26) / (27-28) –  night discussion of leaders


TUESDAY    21/08  Monastery / River
cleaning refectory – MB (muscles & bones mind & body) training – introduction to slow
movement – talk about role observer and importance of feed-back – write here and now
body & landscape F – lunch – talk about horizontal and vertical layers of
landscape and particularities of Bechyne surrounding followed by walk around the
Monastery with terrace gardens and Luznice River V – panoramic circling with eyes on
horizon F ญ– dinner – set up daily reports rotation system – today Hana & Krystina –
(Moon set at 21:43) 

WEDNESDAY         22/08  all day trip / two rivers two brooks and canyon
bus to Tyn nad Vltavou – walk along the the riverbank to the confluence of Vltava and
Luznice Rivers – crossing forest looking for old graphite mine – ants tasting – through
fields in straight line to Zidova Gully (about 25 km) – attention to physical & mental
concentration – letting landscape move through you – talk geological history and relation
to myth – imitation work – walking backwards – talk on romanticism – collection of
colours – pigments and different textures from landscape V+ F + M
evening – display of found material on tables and talk on human body as a hybrid from
different time layers – displayed material shift from nature to culture M + V
report Marcela & Emma

THURSDAY 23/08  Monastery and near surrounding
MB training – Manipulation 1 and 2 (refectory) F – instinctive reaction to and writing of colours on the tables M – lecture on crisis of expression and colour chart systems M –
lunch – visit keramic museum and castle gardens V – skeleton standing and becoming-animal – elaboration of oberver/feedback function (terrace gardens) F – ‘first touch’ clay work in ambit M – introduction of the reader ญ– write about skeleton and animal                                              
report Ena & Radim                       

FRIDAY        24/08  Monastery and  Lutnice Landscape
observation and discussion of clay pieces M – training on long staircase winding down to the river – slow movement as group down the convent staircase ญ– getting up and observe ceiling of ambit (90 minutes) – choose object on table and enter its world (refectory) F
lunch – blind swimming and flowing spine in Lutnice river F – assessment of first part of workshop and talk on personal projects – dinner – preparation personal projects discussions with  M + F + V – report Tim & Fergus

SATURDAY  25/08  Monastery
MB training and Manipulation 1 and 2 (refectory) F – meditations in cellar followed by round of talk V – work on personal projects and discussion with single partner – dinner
observation of object and drawing it on paper on chest M – report Radka & Robert

SUNDAY      26/08 Crosswise Body/Landscape
opposing directions of water and fog to paper M – visit attic and bell tower – water gesturing and pouring in monastery garden M + V – lunch – personal projects – from slow movement to conscious layering with water pouring (paradise courtyard) F – dinner
19.45-04.00 Night Wandering through the Zidova Gully Canyon (Moon Set: 23:22)
– silent pondering on bridge – entering gully in complete darkness – fish exercise –  making fire – naked being – walking through the water from Zidova Gully to Luznice river (program Marcela) F + M + V – report Salta & Vaclav

MONDAY    27/08 Monastery / River
individual body reparation and talk practicals presentations – recapturing physical sensations of last night in gully ญ– during lunch Hanka’s grasping program – body face and voice imitation to drawing – imitation of landscape and drawing on skull (refectory and terrace garden) F + M – dinner – Robert (chapel) Tim (refectory) and Krystina (ambit) – report Fergus & Emma                         

TUESDAY    28/08 Monastery / River
Fergus (Luznice bank) Salta (paradise courtyard) Emma (cellar and monastery
garden) Ena (garden) Radka (refectory) – last words and closure of workshop –dinner (terrace garden) – Milos (Colorvm Naturae Varietas cd rom) Frank (Dancing Plasy Times 8 film) – discussions – report Radka & Krystina

WEDNESDAY         29/08 departure day
digitalizing writings and reports – Emma Radka Fergus – contacts and addresses
boating on Lu
znice River


 Daybook of Participants

Vแclav Cํlek: from Inter and Outer Landscape