s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a



Big Quarry

Bohemiae Rosa Bohemian Karst movie trailer / Lom


3 - 16 August 1999

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body, art and landscape by Milos Sejn, Frank van de Ven and guest teacher Vaclav Cilek, Bohemiae Rosa Project, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague,
Hermit Foundation and the Center for Metamedia in Plasy, Czech Republic


Martina Tomαškovα (CZ)  – Sjoerd van Oevelen (NL) – Osamu Okamura (CZ)
Martin Janνθek (CZ) – Milos Šejn (CZ) – Rolf Meesters (NL)  – Angela Kφhnlein (D) Frank van de Ven (NL)  – Vαclav Cνlek (CZ)

MB = muscles and bones mind and body training FB = Feedback or discussion
M = Milos F = Frank V = Vaclav    

MONDAY    2/08
evening           arrival participants     

TUESDAY    3/08    start from Kosor Hermitage Radotin
welcome word by M + F – sit on table and move slowly till face is in the grass 30 min – same 10 times faster 3 min F – lifting body thinking up and thinking down – pack take train walk 3.5 hours make camp – observe detail of forest – observe detail of partner’s body

WEDNESDAY         4/08    Kobyla Mine
walk as training to Kobyla – work on slow movement 1mm and 1cm per second – with partner FB – blind barefoot walk and nap in cave F – lunch break – slow movement with close observation of objects then touch objects with eyes closed 60 min M – talk Vaclav on geology of Mine

THURSDAY             5/08   
walking backwards – enter Kobyla blind through tunnel and gage length tunnel – walking in different speeds – moving slowly 3 gears F – lunch break – talk on layers of history – work on imagination next to abyss V – walk through forest and collect pigments – paint Princess cave entrance with pigments M – walk and talk V

FRIDAY 6/08           all day walk  
on the road slow movement 2 modes – 1 = all movement is conscious and controlled by head 2 =  different body parts have their own program and are independent F – talks about landscape (Bacin Domasov Berounka) and caves V – work on immobility and movement F – walk through Kacak brook M – talk on 2mm snails Piramidulla V

SATURDAY  7/08              
morning 30 min immobile in cave in Kobyla then slow movement –  go to Certovy Scody (Devil’s Steps) an enormous quarry – explore space ­– image work skeleton F – sound recording M and Martin– back to Kobyla – work on temperature perception in tunnel – recapture this mornings movements half group showing – work on speed  F

SUNDAY 8/08        
in big mine – image work skeleton and water F – naming of colours – personal project M – filming LOM F and Rolf – talk on personal project in group – Aksamitova Brana cave

MONDAY    9/08              
talk on myths V – go to Aksamitova Brana – speed and image work distinguish 2 modes – Manipulation 1+2 F – cyclic station movement – wall painting M – personal project discussion and evaluation

TUESDAY    10/08 
move camp to Bacin Hill – walk around and explore Bacin –  talk harmonic landscape and genius loci V – speed and image work distinguish 2 modes on meadow – walk backwards walk blind walk on all 4’s F

WEDNESDAY         11/08             
11.15 Full Solar Eclipse – proposition Angela – hidden codes work during cooking and dinner ­– movement memory game – night work Bacin Hill F

THURSDAY 12/08  day trip to Plesivec Mountain                               
train to Lochovice walk to Plesivec Celtic settlement – differences between limestone karst and quarzite Plesivec Mountain

FRIDAY        13/08 
on meadow individual preparation – lifting body parts – small movements in shocks –
same while walking downhill – walk with peripathetic vision F – draw landscape on back of skull – draw landscape simultaneously on each others back M – wild pig program Rolf
– improvisation on image and speed in moss scape on bacin hill F – during dinner coding game Angela – evening short presentations

warm up – image and speed work – program Sjoerd – drawing on body and skull around pond Bacin M – concert for one ear F – program animal movement Rolf

SUNDAY      15/08
3 trains to Svat Jan Pod Skalou with each short train ride different instructions – explore all movement material of last week in 3 min intervals – 30 min in narrow deep cave – during dinner coding game Osamu

MONDAY    16/08
written evaluation strongest experience – least liked – best liked – back to Radotin – end workshop



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