s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a




Milos Šejn

Pilot event in the ČSFR 1993  B O H E M I AE   R O S A


I would call the topic of this event Bohemiae Rosa. I refer to a comment of Bohuslav Balbín in his work Miscellanea historica regni Bohemiae (1st edition 1679) where he compares our country to a rose.
This name aptly reflects a character of the place for the event: region of the Kokořín valley near Mšeno, about 55 km northeast from Prague.

Location of the event: Kokořín valley
The starting point and accommodation: building of the Baroque Kokořín castle adapted for purposes of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. 
The Kokořín valley is an ideal place for spontaneous experiencing and learning elementary and archaic components of the architecture in the landscape. At the same time it is a place typical of the Czech tradition by its combination of architecture, landscape and spiritual history. 

characteristics of the landscape (basic information) geomorphologic characteristics of the location view from the perspective of the protection of nature character of the settlement of the region from primeval times up to now
tradition of residing in the rocks, Kokořín castle (as well as other historic places nearby), sacral and profane Baroque architecture and tradition of popular dwellings, transformation of historic solutions from the contemporary point of view
tradition of literary romanticism – K. H. Mácha, and tradition of wayfaring

Program of the event:
study of anthropogenic forms of the landscape relief in the region of the national park Kokořín valley and spontaneous responses of students based on this experience
in the course of the event, the following could come into being:
records of walking
temporary prearchitectonic interferences with the landscape
attempts at staying in abandoned rock, dwellings or adjusted caves
plans and measuring of selected localities, interesting because of the link between natural and anthropogenic morphology
photo documentation


PS.: This workshop was not supported and realized. It was possible about three years after at 1995.