s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a



   Curriculum Vitae

Frank van de Ven is a dancer and choreographer who spend his formative years in Japan working with Min Tanaka and the Maijuku Performance Company. In 1993 he founded together with Katerina Bakatsaki 'Body Weather Amsterdam', a platform for training and performance. Since 1995 he conducts with Milos Sejn the interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project, connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture. Interest in dance and theory led to 'How to make yourself a Dancing Body Without Organs' Project. Together with Peter Snow (Monash University) he performs the famed Thought/Action Improvisations.  An ongoing collaboration exists with musician Daniel Schorno, artistic director of Steim Amsterdam.

1961                 Born Tilburg the Netherlands

1979-82            University Groningen, history & social sciences

1982-83            focus on dance & theatre  with Ryszard Cieslack & Min Tanaka

1983-92            In Japan with Min Tanaka's Performance Company Maijuku

Numerous tours and performances in Japan, Europe and U.S.A.  a.o.  Carmina Burana dir: Seiji Ozawa at Ueno Bunka Kaikan Tokyo, Rite of Spring at Art Festival Hakushu - BAM New York - Opera - Comique Paris - Prague National Theatre - Sapporo Art Park

1992-94             with Company Jocelyne Montpetit: La Mémoire du Nord - Corps en Fuite & Le gardien du Sommeil  Montreal  Ottawa Quebec Winnipeg

1993-95             with Min Tanaka in Amsterdam: Noach & the Magic Flute Nationale Opera - Can we Dance a Landscape? Muziektheater Amsterdam

1993                 founded Body Weather Amsterdam, Platform for Training & Performance with Katerina Bakatsaki


Bodyweather Interface with Stuart Lynch Dancescenen K’hagen 2004 PIT Porsgrunn - Nordic Black Theatre Oslo


Purity and Dogma 4&5 with Stuart Lynch Les Bains Brussels 2004

Four Grand Narratives            dir: Peter Snow   Melbourne - Canberra - Wollongong - Sydney 2004

Savage Ground           with Stuart Lynch Grusomhetens Teater Oslo 2003

Dandyism & Abstraction in a Universe defined by Newton with Bertram Dhellemmes  Amsterdam - Lille - Brussels  2002 - 2003

Fading like a Flower   with Peter Snow Melbourne - Amsterdam (+ Robert Steijn) - Kopenhagen - Gent 2002

Atrophy                       with Stuart Lynch Moving Mime Festival Tilburg 2000

Siblings                       with Su-En & Rolf Meesters - Stockholm - Haparanda - Tornio - Amsterdam 1999 -2000

Soloid and Duoid Survival Kit series performance concept O.T.301 and Melkweg Amsterdam 2001-03

Ambition                     with Rolf Meesters and Bertram Dhellemmes Le Vivat Armentiere 2000

Holoman                     dir: Mike Tyler De Balie Amsterdam 1998

Le Baron - Episode Indéterminé Musee des Beaux Arts Tourcoing 1998

Leve de Baron                        with Angela Kohnlein Muiderpoorttheater Amsterdam 1997

Loslopend Wild           5 dancers Antwerp Amsterdam 1997

Corps/Paysage            performance project Hameau de la Brousse France 1996-97

Bez Data                     10 dancers Archa Theatre Prague 1995

Vacant Lot - the Evacuated Body with Katarina Bakatsaki  - Paris - Hania - Athens - Breda - Tilburg - Eindhoven

1988 - 1992


Performances with other theatre and dance companies

Of Human Being as Animal Degenerated by Intelligence dir: Bertram Dhellemmes Aeronef Lille 2003

Concrete Island                      dir: Stefan Kunzmann de Balie A’dam 2002

24 Hours Performance            dir: Stuart Lynch Kanonhallen Kopenhagen 2000

Vanddraaben                          chor: Thomas Eisenhardt  - Aben Dance Kopenhagen 2000

Tolv Tiger                               chor: Anna Kulper Konstmuseet Stockholm 2000

Na Neboa                                chor: Andres Corchero Santiago de Compostella Spain 1998

Silent Moves                           dir: Serge Tampalini Nexus Theatre Perth 1997

Coming In                               dir: Stuart Lynch Amagertorv Kopenhagen 1997

Oedipus Rex                           opera dir: Julie Taymor Matsumoto Japan 1992


Butoh miscellaneous

Forest Story                            dir: Min Tanaka Inokashira Park Kichijoji Tokyo Japan 2005

The legacy of Butoh               Lecture Rietveld Akademie Amsterdam 2003

Siblings                                  with Su-En 4 Days in Motion Festival Prague 1996

Scaly Ones                             with Su-En Butoh Company Uppsala - Stockholm - Malmo 1996

Butoh - a European tradition  Seminar and Performance K’hagen Univ 1996

Ex...it                                      Butoh Symposium Schloß Bröllin Germany 1995


Film Video DVD

10 years Bohemiae Rosa  1995-1997-1999-2001-2003 DVD with Milos Sejn
The City Library Thought/Action Manual video with Peter Snow City Library Melbourne 2004

Body Weather                         video documentary for Arts Archives 5 no. 2 dir: Peter Hulton (with Oguri)  2001

6 Vertebraes               video with theorist Peter Snow Alice Springs Australia 1999

LOM                            video with Rolf Meesters Czech Republic 1999

CI-VIT                          16 mm film dir: Nathalie Michel prod: Le Fresnoy Roubaix 1998

Dancing Plasy Times 8 video with Rolf Meesters and Milos Sejn Plasy Monastery Czech Republic 1997


Performance & Theory Research

OuDaPo                       choreography and new media commission from Amsterdam Fonds  voor de Kunst for Ouvroir de Danse Potentielle 2003 - Performances at Overtoom 301 and Nadine Brussels 2004 with Daniel Schorno and Bertram Dhellemmes

Height of Sky - No Where Now Here

with Oguri - Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park  U.S.A. 2002 - 2004

Thought/Action           with Peter Snow  Waag Society - OT 301 Amsterdam - PARIP Leeds Univ. 2005

Dancehouse Melbourne - Canberra - Wollongong - Sydney Univ.  2004 

FIRT Conference Akademietheater A’dam - Gent - Brussels 2002

Monash University Melbourne 2000

How to make yourself a Dancing Body Without Organs

paper with Rolf Meesters and others - BwO Event University A’dam  - Chisenhale London 1998 - 1000 Plateaus Maps for the next Millenium Volksbühne Berlin 1999 -

Hybrid Profession with Robin Brouwer Frascatie Amsterdam 1999


Training & Theory Research

Site - Body - Exploration /Bohemia Rosa Project with Milos Sejn 1995-2003 DVD forthcoming 2004

Sustained Enquiry       24 hour event for DasArts block 16 Amsterdam 2001

Body/Landscape         with Christine Quoiraud - Angouleme – Ardeche - Pays Basque - Subotica 1996-2000

Stroking Bodies - an Anatomy of Traces with Milos Sejn Academy of Fine Arts Prague 2002

Body/Landscape         Dance in Dialogue Samso Denmark 2001 – Pays Basque 2003-2004

Triple Alice                 Forum & Laboratory dir: Tess de Quincey Central Desert Alice Springs 1999


Solo works

Untitled                       Dance Hakushu Festival Yamanashi-ken Japan 2005

Facing Up                   Novemberfest Festival Pavillion Theatre Dublin 2004 – Cave Gallery New York 2005

Ambition                     Amorph!01 Performance Festival Helsinki 2001

Ambition                     Turtle Keys Art Center London 1997

Document                   Earthstage Hakushu Japan 1994

Title                            Rubin Theatre Prague

Was soll nicht alles meine Sache sein series Plan B Tokyo 1988-90


With musician and composer Daniel Schorno

Noughts                       No Backup series Steim Amsterdam video projection Bertram Dhellememmes 2003

Noughts                       Stubnitz Boat Amsterdam 2002 video Alain Pelletier

Noughts                       Butoh Breeze Festival  Fylkingen Stockholm 2002

Playground Touch      Symposium Bern 2001

We Proudly Present    Frascatie A'dam 1999


Dance and Music Improvisations

Blaue Fabrik Dresden  with Günter Heinz  trombone + electronics

Celebracio Aniversari 10 years Company Andres Corchero/Rosa Munoz Espai Barcelona 2004

Improvisa                    Music and Dance Festival Espai Barcelona 2002

Nobody Wants             Muiderpoorttheater Amsterdam 2002

Dance and Music        series OT301 - Steim  A‘dam – Lantaren Venster R’dam 2001-2002

Ferrari Crash               with Stuart Lynch Huset Kopenhagen 1999

Music and Dance Event 8 musicians and 4 dancers Fylkingen Stockholm 1997


Body Weather Workshops 1996 – 2004

Thom McGinty Performance workshop - APDI Dublin - Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Center Wellington - Dancehouse Melbourne - PIT Porsgrunn - Au Ments Dance Company Mallorca - Arteleku San Sebnastian

Platform Mimedocenten Amsterdam - Musikhochschule Koln - Navanad Theatre Company Haifa - De Nieuwe Amsterdam - Ex..it Butoh Symposium Schloß Bröllin Germany - C de la B Gent Belgium - Dansens Hus Kopenhagen - Passepartout Summer School Utrecht - Monash University Melbourne - Ballet du Nord Roubaix - Dans I Dialog Samso Denmark - SU-EN Butoh Company Sweden - Bohemia Rosa Czech Republic - SNDO Amsterdam - Subotica Festival Yougoslavia - Kinpatsu Lille - PIA Amsterdam  - La Caldera Barcelona