s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a




Trailer of the BEZ DATA performance

Frank van de Ven
Bez Data script Archa Theatre March 1995


1          A woman arrives in the space, visiting the playground of her lost memories; wandering around, visiting all corners, sometimes watching the abyss of the caves. She finally settles in a corner and memories fall into her body.

2          Three other women appear in front of the felt. They carry the shadows into the space, undulating and slowly detaching themselves from the Big Skin (nickname). Their dream-like state slowly transforms to concrete movements, forming patterns as they regain individuality. The women, now four, start loosely running on the spot, captured in their own world.

Space is lighted like a forest a forest with vertical showers.  Their movements
become more vigorous and determined.

3          In the meanwhile the Keeper of Time has made his appearance and starts heftily announcing his arrival.

4          A troup of men, showing naked backs cross the space, sometimes jumping and groaning. They visit different parts of the space (low lights) breathing heavily at times; enjoying their status of young wild ducks.

5          All mingle, walk and stop, looking backwards, trying to force memories back into their bodies (memory is an act of will, at its most lucid and courageous), and slowly retreat towards the Big Skin. They slowly turn around - the brains are dancing - leaving barely perceptible traces on their faces which are projected on the Big Skin.

6          A man and a woman detach themselves and move toward the center of the space. Their movements make sound while they take turns alternating the masculine and feminine hum which emerges from their bodies. All the others in the meanwhile leave the stage through all possible exits. The Guardman of Memories makes himself comfortable and watches attentively the moving couple.

7          Near the end of this dance a line of men reenters the space; belonging to one family their movements are quite distinct from each other (travelling solo’s). In the end they open their chest to the ceiling, hit it as a common sacrifice.

7A.      A strange figure compulsively circumnavigates the edge of the center-space, repeats movements, starts again, utterly alone in his own world (Alex).

8          One man goes to the opposite side of the ALTAR, lies down as a sculpture: by a rational sequence of movements he travels through the History of ART (abstract).
(either Milos alone or Milos/Eva/Jan) Red dust is sprinkled/scattered on him 

The Keeper of Time/Guardman of Memories has arrived near him and transforms the
different qualities of movement in his sound.

9          Everybody moves along the string, bodies visited and penetrated by complex
memories (36 movements) at times opening their mouths as if to swallow the sound(s).

They are under the string now and the movement gradually fades out The Keeper of
Time moves slowly back to the beginning of the string crossing the prostate bodies and
while he starts again (as upon arrival), the light slowly fades out, then also the sound fades away. 

*Alex 's composition in scene 7


ARCHA Theatre Studio in Prague

1994 ARCHA Latitude 50°05'26.83"  Longitude 14°25'33.35"

bez data
dance project of the Archa Studio
as a result of the workshops Way to the Dance I and II, 1994/1995, leaded by Frank van de Ven and Katherina Bakatsaki
ARCHA Theatre in Prague
3/4/5 March 1995

concept and choreography: Frank van de Ven
stage and body sonic projection: Miloš Šejn
sound installation: Martin Janíček
sound co-operation: Alex Švamberk
lights: Viktor Zborník
dramaturgy: Jana Svobodová
production: Pavel Strnad

presentation was prepared by: Katherina Bakatsaki, Eva S. Dosedělová, Jana Peterková, Jana Svobodová, Zdeněk Böhm, Jiří Horák, Martin Janeček, Martin Janíček, Ĺubo Neksa, Miloš Šejn, Daniel Šimek, Jan Špilar, Alex Švamberk