s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a








25 years of an interdisciplinary project exploring the relationship between body and landscape


The main part of the project BOHEMIAE ROSA is “S i t e B o d y E x p l o r a t i o n / International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body, art and landscape”.

The interdisciplinary project Bohemiae Rosa represents a unique approach dealing with the relationship between the body, landscape and art.
Through experimental workshops taking place in specific places and localities, especially the Czech landscape,
it examines the experience of human body in relation to the environment and examines the "ordinary" experienced perception.
The body is not perceived as a closed entity, but as an ever-changing complex system of processes inside and outside this body.
During the workshops, approaches from many artistic and scientific disciplines (dance, fine arts, geology, architecture ...) are intertwined.

The project is based on the lifelong interest and experience of its two founders:
action and conceptual artist Miloš Šejn, a graduate of the Zdeněk Sýkora school and a long-time professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
and a Dutch
dancer, choreographer Frank van de Ven, collaborator Min Tanaka.

The international project Bohemiae Rosa is celebrating 25 years of its existence this year.
During that time, it was attended by a large number of students and artists from the field of performance art, theater and fine arts, literally from all over the world.


This year our activities will take place on a thought level and in 2021 we will again personally meet inside the Giant Mountains.



Contact:  Katerina Bilejova  

e-mail: BilejovaK@jinonice.cuni.cz