s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a









1-6 APRIL 2002





Figure from Parthenon, foto Mausell, casting in Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Anonymous, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague,  Recumbent casting of torso of fighter (Museo Pitti, Florenz),
drawing  by casting, ca. 1815




SUNDAY      31/03 arrival participants in PRAGUE
10-12 finish program Milos + Frank + Fergus
meeting with participants, introduction workshop, collection of fees
talk about reader, history of Bohemia Rosa M + F

MONDAY    01/04 drawing as obsession
Academy of Fine Arts Studio
10                    cleaning and set up – M, Fg, F, Radim, Silvia
11                    start workshop
-drawing line from top of head to groin in 20 min with finger of left hand
- warm up with focus on top of head and lines of feet
- drawing line on paper, as from top of head to groin- then one arm draws line and the other traces line on body
- standing naked torso draw line with ink from top of head- draw line on backbone of partner, partner walks slowly away and back, squat and lies down. moves spine, observe F
4-7                  - 18th century drawings on the tables, lecture on academic tradition of drawing, drawing as an obsession M
- drawing the Parthenon torso in trios 30 min, again 30 min in mix of styles M + Fg
- imitation session around table arm/hands mirror, opposite, one arm leads, the other follows, imitation of drawing hand F

TUESDAY    02/04 stroke and body
10-1                 - walking on string warm up, balance- incense, smoke imagination, draw image on forehead with ink, draw on partners forehead who takes this onto line and into movement F
2-3.30  - on drawing movement Fg
Pose and melt while drawn by partner, layered on page
Drawing of repetitive action between A and B, drawing of moving point on body. Blind contour exercise.

3.30-5.00         hanging synthetic paper, connect body to fysical quality of paper, touch and draw, work with ink, relate drawer/drawn M           

WEDNESDAY    03/04  anatomy of stroke
10                                        – draw part of foot or hand of own body in 18th century cross-hatching style, - embody world of 18th century model, imagination leads to sensation to transformation F
- compact lecture on bones and muscles in chinese calligraphy tradition, practise dot M
- obsession of speed, 1mm drawing, 1mm moving, 1 cm drawing, 1 cm moving, drawer/drawn move at same speed, SBD 1 cm/sec F
- 30 min open forum for left over ideas and actions and first elaboration of individual work ideas            
- collect ideas about Friday presentation
- exercise in drawing walking figures through observing external contours and moving negative space. Short talk on basics of animation and drawing exercises Fg
- transformation bodies to brushes by walking trough the space, slowly be a dot of ink on the floor  M

THURSDAY 04/04 unwitting/inadvertent touches
9.30                 - visit of Z. Beran’s studio for academic techniques of drawing
10.30-2:30       - imitation of hands, add pencil, add board, voice, SBD, 1 hand leading and 1 hand following all on same canvas, 30 min variations in couples, individual work, talk about presentation F
3.30-5.30         - in Stromovka Garden Touch Drawing 3 times 5 min in trio’s, continue 30 min with variations Fg + F + M
6-8                  - individual work, collaborations M + Fg

FRIDAY        05/04 Crosswise Body/Drawing – Stroking Bodies
10-12              space open     
12                    MB
                        Simulaneous Body Drawing with alternating speeds for drawing
Arm -eye /movement coordination - turn around axis traing horizon –SBD + face imitation
4                      set up space, warm up, break, cake,             
6-7                  SBAT ending work session open to public
8-9                  on line live presentation” at: http://www. radiojeleni.cz.live                       

SATURDAY  06/04 departure day
finishing report