s e j n                                                                    b o h e m i ae   r o s a


Water place

Bohemiae Rosa Plasy Monastery movie trailer / Dancing Plasy Times 8

Bohemiae Rosa 1997 flyer




3 - 17 September 1997

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body, art and landscape by Milos Sejn, Frank van de Ven and guest teacher Martin Buchner , Bohemiae Rosa Project, Hermit Foundation and the Center for Metamedia in Plasy




Martin Janíček (CZ) Ivana Teršová (CZ) Olga Kropíková (CZ) Hana Pýchová (CZ) – Rolf Meesters (NL) Alena Doležalová (CZ) Malte Dickmann (D) Jan Erik Kolář (D) Petr Uličný (CZ) Daniel Šimek (CZ) Michael Peters (D) Viktorie Šmejkalová (CZ) Etrona van der Heyden (NL)



MB = muscles and bones mind and body training M = Milos F = Frank Ma = Martin                  

WEDNESDAY         3/09   

9.00 – 12.30    MB - Manipulation 1 + 2 in Prelature12.40  introduction all participants lunch break – 14.30 –18.30  introduction to slow movement hands mouth and whole body 60 min F – work on colours M – 3 move 1 slow and precise – movement without intention  alone


THURSDAY             4/09

9.00     all day silent walk from Plasy Monastery to Mariansky Tynec to Kralovice brook and back – 4 groups of 3 people focus on sound smell taste touch – end of day strong rain


FRIDAY        5/09   

10.00 – 13.00  4 groups of previous day meet and discuss their experience and report to group 14.00 introduction and talk Martin and discussion about architecture – write soft and hard words – talk using these words Ma – running with loose arms – laying and standing up – 1 person sits on chair partner indicates movements by words F – 16.30 approach partner blind find good distance – partner as element of architecture M


SATURDAY 6/09   

9.00 – 1.30      MB – Manipulation 1-2 – with partner small movements in articulation – standing and lying – lunch break – 2.40 drawing Ma -  drawing line and breath – drawing line in different timing in granary M – preparation for 24 hour project ‘Big Isolation’


SUNDAY      7/09              

11.00   visit convent 12.30 preparation for ‘Big Isolation’ – 15.00 drawing with A4 paper and pencil on wall and floor – connect to breath and imagination M


MONDAY  8/09     

08.00 – 08.00  All participants spend 24 hours alone on an 4 by 4 meter plot of grass in the inner courtyard of the convent – one can see all others but no talking or sign language is used – each 1 bread and 2 l of water and sleeping bag and notebooks  


TUESDAY    9/09              

11.00 – 2.30    MB – walk blind on line and on cirkle – manipulate body parts 16.00 put music in parts of body with partner observing and giving feedback – standing walking and sitting on chair F – small movements in articulations half group observes F – dinner – 21.00 walk through underground tunnel with candles to confluence with Strela river


WEDNESDAY         10/09             

9.00     MB –  Manipulation 12.00  1 hour personal actions (self chosen action to be repeated over several days) 15.00 – 19.00 body size paper in corridor touch architecture of convent M + Ma  


THURSDAY 11/09             

9.00 -10.30     walking backwards on meadow next to Strela river F – write names of colours of river bank and weir 40 min M – 12.00 1 hour personal actions – Petr scaffolding climbing – 15.30 drawing with natural pigments on body size paper in Peklo valley M – 18.00 – 19.00 drawing aura with natural pigments on meadow Ma – evening discussion program


FRIDAY   12/09       T.V. Documentation day                           

10.00   walking backwards in convent corridor – touching bodies on wall and staircase – touch and draw with paper in St Bernardus Chapel – walk with candles into ventilation system – 5 person enter slowly into basement water cistern with oak beams – record traces on paper near river bank – drawing with natural pigments – interviews with participants and with Milos Frank and Martin – Rolf leads evening discussion



9.45          discussion on paper about relation group and convent ­– 12.00 1 hour personal

actions – visit and clean water spring and talk about connection with underground water system of convent M


SUNDAY      14/09

morning off – 15.30 collect pleasant and unpleasant found objects in granary Ma – 16.30 slow movement F – sit and project imaginary spaces like mental drawing M – project shadow of found objects on wall and draw Ma


MONDAY    15/09

12.00 1 hour personal actions 16.00 drawing movement from bodies filled with music  – use tables from on meadow F – evening report personal actions to group


TUESDAY    16/09

10.00 walk around convent through ventilation system between 2 outer walls M – in Prelature recapture movement from previous ventilation system walk F – 18.00 collective work led by Rolf titled ‘paradise courtyard’ 20.15 – 23.30 full moon total eclipse night walk M


WEDNESDAY         17/09

report personal actions to group – end meeting workshop