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Bohemiae Rosa 1995 BOOK


Bohemiae Rosa Mseno movie trailer / Frank van de Ven Milos Sejn: Solos & Duo


How to approache any wonderful place
 in a different way





4–19 September 1995

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body, art and landscape by Milos Sejn, Frank van de Ven and guest teachers Jiri Vorel and Siri Austeen

Bohemiae Rosa Project – Grant Project of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague supported by Ministery of Education

Czech Republic 


Jiří Černický (CZ) – Siri Austeen (N) – Malte Dickmann (D) – Eva S. Dosedělová (CZ) Beate Hardung (D) – Julie Honyšová (CZ) – Alena Hýblová (CZ)  – Martin Janeček (CZ) –  Hana Pýchová (CZ) – Martin Janíček (CZ) – Petra Vargová (CZ) – Martina Chaloupková (CZ) – András Kozma (H) – Zdena Lauková (SLO) – Pavel Koch (CZ) – Daniel Šimek (CZ) – Jana Peterková (CZ) – Petra Vachunová  (CZ)


MB = muscles and bones mind and body training M = Milos F = Frank J   = Jiri   


SUNDAY      3/09

15.00   meeting of Milos Frank Siri and Martin in the campside – discussion program


MONDAY    4/09

11.00   MB - Manipulation 1 + 2   introduction to slow movement 30 min

14.00 – 15.00 lunch

15.00   go to Debr Valley – walking backwards 30 min – choose a tree lie down on the ground and approach tree as slowly as possible 30 min F – observe details of tree observe details of wide landscape M – dinner – 19.00 campfire introduction participants and presentation of workshop program M + V milos + frank


TUESDAY     5/09   

10.00 – 18.00  all day silent walk from Mseno to Staraky Caves to Kokorin Castle to Hlucov to cut Rock Road ending in small cave M – 17.00 arrival Jiri Vorel


WEDNESDAY 6/09          

10.00 – 18.00  MB – manipulation – lifting body while thinking up and down – iron pole through spine – iron ring in fingers – Inside and Outside body work – after lunch break 1 hour blind walk F – close observation of details eyes moving slowly 30 min M – naked upper body touch textures 30 min – naked upper body touch textures with close observation of intersection by partner – same in groups of 4 – discussion on way back F

20.15 – 23.00  in Debr Valley stand in circle slowly lie down in star formation with arms and legs touching focus on whole group and focus on sound F – slow walk in pack M


THURSDAY 7/09              

10.00 – 13.30  go to Prolezovocky Caves – talk about History of Traces – Landscape Painting – about paper and Milos artwork M – cut paper according to body size – choose a place and make imprints on paper M

after lunch break  in groups of 4 tsuri tsurare  – feel other person’s movements – movements like baby like animal like mad  – move close to one’s paper and remember this morning’s movements F – evening introduction Jiri Vorel about principles of building with clay and wood


FRIDAY  8/09         

10.00   MB games catching balloon balance Manipulation with focus on inside of skin – Inside Outside work F lunch break cutting trees cleaning space around Debr cave and collect branches J 


SATURDAY  9/09              

10.00   short MB – continue building J – prepare for Full Moon night walk

20.00   start night walk – observe moon shadow moving 20 min M – around water spring voice work led by Siri – crying to the full moon F – 02.15 until sunrise at Debr cave - Invitation Work and bread baking in fire F


SUNDAY      10/09             

Evening          discussion and preparation personal projects all participants write proposition


MONDAY    11/09             

10.00   MB – Manipulation

12.45   Debr Valley – talk sedimentation and erosion and vegetation – walking continuously on line across valley leaving traces 20 min M – finger guide – blind and naked moving slowly 20 min – moving slowly with indication from partner 10 min – 15 min continue alone F – dinner – 22.00 discussion personal projects


TUESDAY   12/09                          

10.00   MB – Inside Outside work with walk and simple movement F – lunch break - finish building huts next to Debr cave J

20.00   go in silence and make 2 fires in Debr cave entrance – close observation with candle light – put this experience into movement near fire – fast talking in couples and silence 5 min


WEDNESDAY         13/09

10.00   all day work on personal projects – talks with Milos and Frank



10.00   program showings of all projects – MB – Manipulation – Inside Outside work  1 eye looking inside and 1 eye looking from outside – connect 2 eyes – showing in half group F – lunch break – personal projects start work on mud shoes – strong rain - evening voice and breath workshop with Siri


FRIDAY        15/09

03.30   duo M + F at natural theater in Debr Valley – rain – photo's by Siri

10.00   Inside Outside work with body as landscape F – lunch break – personal projects –

evening voice and breath workshop with Siri



07.30 duo M + F at natural theater in Debr Valley – 10.00 MB – Manipulation – 12.30 till night presentation personal projects – Eva Hana performance with moss – Hana pigments exhibition – duo Andras and Dan in caves – Julie Martin Petra performance in field appearing from horizon with stones on back – Siri Martin Zdena mud shoes through Cut Rock Road – Martin a.o. sound performance in Debr cave


SUNDAY      17/09

7.45     walk to sand stone Labyrinth – Inside Outside work – voice work – moving slowly backwards over roots of tree – lunch break – presentation Eva with wood – presentation Malte walking on edge of Debr valley – Siri Martin Zdena mud shoes in front of Debr cave – end workshop – dinner – postproduction meeting


MONDAY    18/09

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